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@Nitta Dental Office, the forerunner of todayfs Nitta Dental Clinic, was established by former clinic director Nitta Tsutomu on the premises of Osaka International Airport in 1960, immediately after the airport was returned to Japanese control from U.S. occupation forces. In those days, Japan lagged far behind the rest of the world in the field of dentistry. So Dr. Nitta, who was trained in the U.S. in the latest treatment techniques of that time, adopted the philosophy of gpracticing world-class dentistry at a dental office located at the gateway to Japan,h and the Nitta Dental Office has provided dental treatment at the airport for 44 years, thanks to the support from a great many people, including airport workers, airline passengers and neighborhood residents.
@I joined Nitta Dental Office in 1985. Throughout my career here, one thought has occupied my mind: gWhatfs lacking in todayfs dentistry in Japan? When you get tooth decay, you have it treated. When that tooth gets bad again, you have it extracted. This continues on until eventually all the teeth are lost and replaced by full dentures. This is the most common pattern of oral deterioration seen in a typical Japanese person. Is there a way to break this pattern and enable people to keep their own teeth throughout their life?h With primary emphasis on prevention and maintenance, I searched for a way to realize the concept of preventive/maintenance dentistry. This quest led me to establish Nitta Dental Clinic in May 2004.
@When I say gprevention,h I mean: preventing an oral disease that has not yet occurred; if a disease has already developed, detecting and treating it at its early stages so that oral functions wonft be impaired; and if the functional impairment has already occurred, restoring the original function and improving the oral environment to prevent future recurrence of the impairment. By gmaintenanceh I mean curing the disease and preventing recurrence by maintaining healthy conditions. I firmly believe that what is needed most in todayfs dentistry is practicing prevention and maintenance with gminimal intervention,h in consideration of the time and financial convenience of patients who visit the dentistfs office.
@ Nitta Dental Clinic offers dental care under the basic management policy of gprotecting and improving dental health through collaboration with patients and providing dental care services of the highest possible quality in the areas of prevention and treatment.h
This site has been created to describe the philosophy and treatment procedures of our clinic, with the aim of making people who visit our clinic feel reassured about the treatment.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Nitta Tomohiro, Clinic Director
\ Striving to improve patientsf oral health by offering exhaustive dental care services, thereby contributing to society.
\ Engaging in the pursuit of a richer sense of humanity and professional skills development through daily practice of dentistry.
\ Always keeping a deep sense of gratitude to all the people who support our clinic.
Nitta Dental Clinic embraces the above three-point basic treatment policy and, as a responsible member of society, is committed to making maximum efforts to provide people with better dental care services.
When it comes to dental treatment, do you happen to think that drilling, filling, or capping solves dental problems? Have you ever experienced aching in a tooth that was treated before, or been forced to return to the dentist for further treatment? Do your teeth deteriorate with age even though they are treated with the latest technique or youfve paid expensive treatment fees? Is prevention not possible?
As long as underlying causes persist, the disease will occur over and over again!
@Most common conditions responsible for tooth destruction or tooth loss include dental caries, periodontal diseases and improper occlusion. Dental caries and periodontal diseases will ensue when unhealthy living habitssuch as improper diet, improper brushing of teeth (plaque control) and smokingstimulate activities of bacteria to such a level that they overwhelm the resistance of the body.
@Tooth decay or periodontal diseases do not develop just because youfve eaten too many sweets at one time or missed brushing your teeth just once, but because improper diet or incorrect brushing has become a part of your lifestyle.
@Thus, no matter what good restoration work you may receive, the disease is bound to recur at some point in the future if you leave the root cause (living habits) or incorrect occlusion unattended.
Do teeth deteriorate with age?
It seems to me that quite a few people think that teeth will deteriorate with age even though they have them treated properly or no matter how well they are cared for. Do teeth necessarily degenerate with age? Ifll tell you, the answer is no.
@According to statistics, the number of lost teeth indeed increases as people age.
However, the major cause of tooth loss is dental caries and periodontal diseases.
@Tooth decay and periodontal diseases are caused by bacterial activities. Now that the cause is known, prevention is possible except in special cases.
@The higher rate of tooth loss among the elderly population is attributable to none other than the fact that they have been exposed to the effects of bacterial activities or incorrect occlusion for a longer period of time because of their advanced age.
@ At any age, you can not only reverse conditions but also maintain oral health (prevention of recurrence) by acquiring correct knowledge about prevention, improving your living habits and receiving appropriate treatment.
At Nitta Dental Clinic, under the slogan of gpracticing dentistry that delivers long-life treatment,h we make a customized treatment plan for individual patients, based on meticulous examination and diagnosis, and provide the best dental therapy that addresses the needs of each patient.
@ Even after conclusion of the treatment, we devote all our energies to prevention of recurrence of the disease, drawing on the latest findings in preventive dentistry. We aspire to provide dental care designed to protect and improve oral health through collaboration with patients, so that all our patients may enjoy the full benefit of a ghealthy mouthh throughout their life.
Nitta Tomohiro, Clinic Director
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